We provide ongoing country-wide legal assistance.

The division of responsibilities of individual partners for cases is made in accordance with the adopted criterion of competence. Our partners are fully responsible for senior and junior lawyers assigned to assist them in line with the in-house allocation of tasks.

One of the managing partners is responsible for the general co-ordination of execution of orders and communication with the Client.

The level of third party liability insurance cover of individual partners corresponds to the maximum suggested by an insurance company selected by the Polish Bar Council.

The provision of legal services is subject to agreement considering the Client's business specificity.

Our efficient debt collection department co-operating with court enforcement officers all over the country ensures prompt and reliable debt collection. 


We provide legal services in English, German and Russian.

Scope of our services:


Administrative law

The firm advises in administrative cases, from the drawing up of opinions, through to the participation in all stages of administrative proceedings. We assist in preparing applications for permits and concessions, appeals from and complaints about administrative decisions in all areas of law.

Civil law

The firm provides legal assistance in civil cases at the pre-trial, trial and enforcement stages. For example, we conduct cases regarding payment, distribution of assets, dissolution of co-ownership, distribution of inheritance, protection of personal interests, personal injury, damage resulting from a motor collision or accident.

Energy law

The firm advises businesses dealing with production, distribution and trade in electrical energy. We also provide legal assistance concerning renewable energy sources.

Business law, corporate services, mergers and acquisitions

The firm has extensive experience in handling business cases and providing consulting for well known Polish and foreign companies and small businesses.  The firm provides legal assistance at every stage, from the selection of an appropriate legal form of business, through its registration, including online registration, to its sale or winding up.

We offer legal assistance regarding the operation of all types of companies and commercial law partnerships, and the functioning of other business operating in the Polish market. Our lawyers provide services to companies and commercial law partnerships (including public companies) and to their partners and shareholders.

We advise on all aspects of company formation, including drawing up articles of association and statutes, regulations for the supervisory board and the management board, any contracts entered into between partners or shareholders in connection with the functioning and on-going corporate services, such as preparing draft resolutions of the governing bodies, organising and holding general meetings and meetings of shareholders and supervisory & management boards.

The firm provides legal services regarding criminal proceedings related to the operation of companies and commercial law partnerships.

The firm represents clients at all stages of debt enforcement, also abroad. Our lawyers take part in negotiations (also in foreign languages), prepare opinions and solve on-going legal problems. Our lawyers represent clients in litigation and arbitration. We have a vast experience in the field of mergers, de-mergers and restructuring of businesses, increase in share capital, compulsory purchase of shares and redemption of shares. We draw up documents necessary for the operation of businesses, including draft resolutions, regulations and statutes. 

At the client’s request we audit company documents in the client’s offices. We co-operate with notarial offices.

Bankruptcy and rehabilitation law

The firm has a considerable experience in representing and advising businesses on bankruptcy & rehabilitation law and restructuring. The firm has successfully represented creditors in many extensive bankruptcy proceedings, including the procedure for the registration of claims, opposition, appeals against the division plan and in proceedings to render the established security ineffective.

We have a vast experience in advising clients in arrangement proceedings, negotiations of arrangement proposals or voting over the arrangement.

Criminal law

The firm advises on criminal law, tax law and criminal procedure. We provide assistance at every stage of the prosecution proceedings and court proceedings for all types of crimes. Moreover, we assist in conducting the Client’s internal investigations. The firm conducts cases indicted by a public prosecutor or a private party, and vetting cases.  The firm helps collect and assess evidence. In this respect we collaborate with detectives and surveyors.

Medical law, pharmaceutical law

The firm provides legal assistance in the field of registration of individuals or group entities carrying out medical activity. We represent medical professionals in proceedings before self-governing professional organisations and in criminal and civil proceedings.  The firm pursues damages for medical errors. In the field of pharmaceutical law, the firm provides legal services to medical authorisation holders and other entities participating in manufacturing and trading in medicinal products, and services to manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, cosmetics, diet supplements and other foodstuffs covered by the Law of 25 August 2005 on safety of food and nutrition.

Labour law

The firm advises on drawing up employment documentation, including employment agreements, managerial contracts and prepares non-competition agreements. The firm has a huge experience in the field of industrial relations, collective labour disputes, the restructuring and resolution of labour disputes through mediation and court proceedings. The firm advises on the preparation of orders and regulations. We provide legal assistance on foreign employees, cases involving bullying & harassment and discrimination.

The firm provides services in the field of individual and collective labour law.

Family law

The firm provides legal assistance on family law cases, in particular those concerning separation, divorce, child maintenance, limitation of parental authority, deprivation of parental authority, both national and cross border cases.  We have successfully assisted in cases under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and we prepare independent expert opinions at the request of foreign family courts.

Intellectual and industrial property 

The firm provides services in the field of intellectual and industrial property, copyrights. We also represent clients in proceedings on trademarks, patents, know-how, utility models and industrial models.

Public procurement law 

The firm provides legal assistance in preparing and holding the public procurement procedure, preparing legal opinions, analyses and tender documentation. We perform services for contracting parties and contractors, in particular we offer:

  • comprehensive legal advice on planning and conducting public procurement, forms and procedures of contract award, documenting the course of proceedings, estimating the contract value, legal analysis of procurement planning processes, and with respect to contractors - advising on the preparation of bids, conducting cases during and after the completion of the procurement procedure;
  • preparation of legal analysis for management to rationalise and improve the award of contracts/ bidding for contracts;
  • preparation and verification of documents of the contracting party and contractors;
  • handling disputes related to the application of Public Procurement Law, representing clients in the proceedings before the National Appeal Chamber and courts.  

At the request of the client, the firm provides training for employees of public procurement departments on public procurement law.

Real estate and investments

The firm offers comprehensive services to entities participating in the construction process, from the acquisition, through the completion of investment, the settlements between the parties of the construction process, to the issues related to the operation of developed real estate. In particular, we advise on:

  • examining the legal state of real estate, preparing draft real estate purchase agreements, and representing the client in negotiations related to the purchase of real estate,
  • establishing and putting the legal state of real estate in order,
  • providing legal services for negotiations, administrative procedures, including those related to spatial planning, environmental protection, construction law, and representing the client in legal and administrative proceedings,
  • tax advising on completion of construction investments,
  • preparing contracts on joint completion of investment,
  • preparing agreements related to the completion of investment, including general contractor agreements, design work agreements, construction work agreements, sub-contractor agreement, developer agreements and conducting relevant negotiations,
  • providing legal services related to the financing of an investment undertaking, including the preparation of draft agreements on the financing of construction investments and representation in negotiations preceding the conclusion of such agreements, the preparation of the terms and conditions for the issue of bonds related to the financing of investment.

The firm has a long experience in providing services to housing co-operatives and in co-operation with developers.

Rights of foreign nationals

Our law firm provides services related to legal assistance to foreign nationals and to employees engaging foreign nationals. For example, we assist in  obtaining temporary residence permits and permits for a tolerated stay for humanitarian reasons (legitimization of stay). We prepare permit applications and represent foreign nationals before a provincial governor (wojewoda) and the Office for Foreign Nationals in matters related to organising their stay, and before other public administration bodies, common courts, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Court. We conduct civil and criminal cases with the participation of foreign nationals. We assist in establishing and registering companies involving foreign entities. We provide legal advice.